Drink what you want!

Refuel reservoirs is a new idea in hydration. We created a reusable, economical system that eliminates the hassle of cleaning and drying, which limits the usefulness of your pack. We made it simple, effective, easy-to-use, and functional for everyone. Our reservoirs are:

  • durable, so you can fill them with your choice of drink and use them as long as you want.
  • designed with a large port, making them easy to fill and even add ice.
  • economical, so when you decide your hydration system has had enough use, you can afford to replace it with a new one.
  • 100% recyclable—used reservoirs may be recycled into many types of new products.
  • available in 50, 70 and 100-ounce sizes to meet your needs.

Refuel reservoirs make almost any hydration pack actually work.

You know the story. You buy a hydration pack to use with your outdoor activity…you use it once or twice…then you realize you have to clean it. The cleaning chore is a pain. Filling it is a pain. And then you set the pack aside and don’t use it anymore. A story that’s repeated over and over. Refuel reservoirs will make hydration packs work the way they’re intended—a convenient source of hydration on-the-go—without the cleaning!